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China Factory Customizes Heavy Duty PE Composite Outrigger Crane Pad

 Manufacturing ENGINEERING plastics. Now it is the largest and most professional manufacturer of Engineering plastics, such as UHMWPE / HDPE sheetsboards, rodsCrane Outrigger Padsmarine fender boardsRoad matsRink Ice Panel and other machining processing parts.We have advanced extruding and compression molded machines and CNC devices, can make any shape product according to customer's requirements.

To permit maximum lifting capacity and improve safety, Outrigger Pads (also called outrigger board, outrigger mat, outrigger base) are used to provide support to terrain and mobile crane outriggers. When outrigger pads are used, the high pressures generated by cranes are distributed over a larger area, reducing the risk of a failure that may lead to a crane accident.

ur engineered plastic outrigger pads offer lightweight, strong, and solid support for your crane. Unlike other materials, UHMWPE crane outrigger pad can be easily handled and positioned by one person. Our crane outrigger pad doesn't warp like wood or corrode like steel. They have no pilferage value, and with Xinxing lifetime replacement guarantee, we're confident they won't break.

Crane UHMWPE outrigger pad offers wear and strength, while providing noise, vibration and super grip for steady crane operation, protects the street or any other surface on which your crane must rest. It is ideal for impact or scratch sensitive materials like a gymnasium floor.