Product Details

Extreme Pressure Lithium Base Grease

Product overview:

The product is made from thickened refined mineral oil with compound lithium soap and additives of extreme pressure, anti-oxidation and anti-rust etc.


Performance Feature:

Good extreme anti-wear property effectively prevents friction pair from wear and corrosive pitting and prolongs service life of equipment.

Good pumpability caters to the need of grease supply in centralized lubricating system.

Good anti-rust property keeps good lubrication and anti-rust performance in water environment.

Good mechanical stability keeps certain consistence in use and prevents running off.


Apply to the lubrication of all kinds of medium and heavy load ball, pin roller, sliding bearing and gear, chain and supporting wheel in roasting equipment etc.

Typical Data: (Adjust certain index according to demanding equipment from customer)


Prevent dirt particle and water mixing into the product during storage

Do not mix the product with other greases in use

Do not use by heating




By Air  / By Sea /By Express
 a. For small weight or Urgent, goods will be delivery  by Express DHL/FedEX/UPS/TNT/EMS
 b. For max production,goods will be shipped by sea/by air.
 c. According to your requirements

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