Product Details

Fire Resistant Electrical Insulation UHMWPE Sheet
1220mm Width high density Polystyrene Waterproof Insulation Board
plastic PVC sheet high densitry polyethylene HDPE sheet PE PP Nylon polycarbonate UHMWPE Sheet

UHMWPE ice hockey rink advantages :-- cost advantage: compared with real ice, the construction cost of fake ice is only about 1/5 of that of real ice.
-- site advantage: the imitation of bingbing market is not limited by site area, location and environment.
--Seasonal advantage: enjoy skating all year round, no matter what the temperature is.
--Low operating cost: no huge electricity cooling costs, no large amount of water for ice making.Easy to maintain and long service life.
--environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, recyclable.Save water and electricity.
--Unique footless coaming system easy to install and remove.The ground is as good as new after demolition.
--convenience: the area of the ice rink can be adjusted at any time according to the market and business conditions.