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Miniature Ball Bearings are small bearings with balls as their rolling elements.  These small bearings have an outside diameter of less than 3/8” (<9.525 mm) or are small bearings with an outside diameter less than or equal to ½” (≤ 12.7 mm) having a ration of outside diameter to inside diameter equal to or less than two.

Miniature bearings are sometimes referred to as instrument bearings or micro bearings and are used in applications as varied as gyros, anemometers, flow meters, miniature gearboxes, small motors and radio controlled models.


Chrome steel bearings, with a steel retainer and a suitable lubricant, can be used at temperatures of 120°C constant or up to 150°C intermittent. Above these temperatures, the load capacity of chrome steel is reduced and the steel undergoes more of a dimensional change than stainless steel.


Chrome steel bearings are not suitable for use in corrosive environments as the steel is not corrosion resistant. Chrome steel miniature bearings are coated with a layer of preservative oil to protect against moisture. We do not recommend using chrome steel bearings without any lubricant (dry) as they are prone to corrosion. This may even occur while in storage or during shipping as a result of condensation forming inside the protective packaging. Protective oil cannot be applied to the outside of a dry bearing as it would find its way inside the bearing making the bearing no longer “dry”.


Bearing Construction

· Bearing Ring - Contains inner and outer rings.Made of high quality steel, it can prolong the service life of bearing efficiently

· Rolling Element - Transfer the load between the inner and outer rings

· Retainer - Reduce friction heat, optimize load, and easy to disassemble

· Integral Seal - Greatly extend the service life of the bearing, keep lubricant in the bearing and keep contaminants out

Bearing Parameters

According to the size of deep groove ball bearing can be divided into:

·Miniature bearing -- outer diameter of less than 26mm;

·Small bearings -- outer diameter ranging from 28-55mm;

·Small and Medium-sized bearings --  outer diameter ranging from 60-115mm;

·Medium and Large bearings --outer diameter range of 120-190mm

·Large bearing -- outer diameter range of 200-430mm;

·Extra-large bearing --outer diameter of more than 440mm.

The parameters of Miniature bearings are as follows:

Application Fields:

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