How to check the noise source of NSK imported bearings?

- 2019-10-24 15:39 -

If the NSK imported bearing emits noise, the NSK imported bearing will produce noise for a long time due to some reasons. Therefore, when the appearance of noise indicates that this hidden danger has been existed for a long time, we should check as soon as possible to find out the source of the noise caused by NSK imported bearing. Here is the principle that leads to the noise of NSK imported bearings.

1.Inherent noise: NSK import bearing raceway sound with a variety of sound (cylindrical roller bearing) and rolling friction inherent voice, rolling bearing raceway is by the elastic properties of the rolling element and raceway contact, when the angular contact ball bearing rotating roller rolling over on the rolling path of a continuous and a sophisticated sound; Abnormal rolling friction can produce the abnormal sound of "creak, creak" and other uncomfortable metal friction, which will not be produced when smooth and good. Therefore, it is not a problem under normal conditions, as long as the noise is increased, it should be noticed.

2. NSK import bearing manufacturing related noise: here including aircraft noise and tremolo, adhere to the main attack aircraft noise in ball bearings and bearings, when the angular contact ball bearing rotates due to adhere to the vibration of the frame and the frame and rolling body attack impact would sound. The sound is cyclical. Vibrato (all kinds of bearing), there is a sound frequency is due to large raceway surface waviness provoked vibration. This phenomenon is the most common problem, our future requirements of can.

3. Noise caused by improper application: all kinds of NSK imported bearings exist. When the outer surface of the ball bearing raceway or the external surface of the ball bearing is damaged, pitted and corroded, there will be periodic noise and vibration. Dirt noise will be generated when there is dust invasion in the running of the bearing. This noise is non-periodic and also accompanied by vibration, and its sound size is not fixed, sometimes not.